About us

Joint stock Company Group of Experts on Public Procurement was established in the summer of 2005. Despite a short period of activity the company has found its market and organized a collective with a huge experience in collaboration of private and public sectors. The name of the company reveals the main specialization of our sphere - public procurement. However, layers of the company provide not only consultations on public procurement but other legal services as well. Having a goal to improve ourselves daily, we are cooperating with the most famous Lithuanian and foreign legal experts and professionals, because every new client for us means a new strategy, ways of solving problems and always the same purpose – to provide top-quality services, helping to successfully adopt and implement most necessary decisions of our clients, abiding principles of legality and professional ethics standards. Many economic operators trust us, seeing that:

  • Lawyers of the company settle problems of every client and always present individual, progressive, precise and practical approaches and ways for solving problems;

  • Seeking not just to meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients, our company is loyal to our clients, does not reveal any information received to third parties. Adherence of principles of business ethics is also one of the main approaches of our activity;

  • Providing services our lawyers focus all the attention, experience and knowledge gathered during many years spent in various institutions in Lithuania and abroad as well;

  • In providing legal services, lawyers of our company seek the best, yet attainable, result. There are no doubts that there is no limit to perfection. Therefore, seeking to improve ourselves permanently, we take part in many international conferences and seminars sharing the competence with our colleges and friends.

UAB "Viešųjų pirkimų ekspertų grupė"