Services for contracting authorities


Our company has a goal to help for contracting authorities to perform public procurement procedures legally and fairly and also taking into account possible bother when acquiring required supplies, services and works offer such services:

  • Preparation of tender documents;

  • Legal audit of tender documents already prepared;

  • Preparation of necessary documentation for grant of concession;

  • Preparation of draft contracts for public procurement and concession;

  • Establishment of manner of public private partnership and preparation of necessary documentation;

  • Legal contribution in the stage of planning, establishing procurement values and choosing procurement procedures for financial year;

  • Preparation rules of simplified procedures, taking into account particularity of certain contracting authority;

  • Organization of training on public procurement;

  • Delegation of experts to ensure legality of procurement procedures.

Presented information is only of informative nature and does not comprehensively reflect all services provided. For the blanked information please contact our lawyers by phone: +370 5 265 1905


UAB "Viešųjų pirkimų ekspertų grupė"