Services for suppliers

    Economic operators having intension to present and supply their goods, services or works communicate not only with customers from private sector, but public sector as well. Latter, distinguishes its particularity. Major part of potential bidders avoids participating in procurement procedures and competing for contracts. Such skeptic approach to possibility to reach positive results (to win a contract from state or municipality institutions or institutions under them) isn’t settled without reasons. Mentioned institutions taking an opportunity of supplier’s limited knowledge of legal acts regulating public sector activities spontaneously circumscribe possibilities to develop business and create obstacles for small and medium enterprises. There is a tendency that contracts from public sector are granted to limited number of same economic operators. Our purpose is to contribute successfully take part in procurement procedures for wider range of supplier’s and ensure not only interests of supplier’s, but also efficiency of state policy performed. For these reasons, we offer such services:

  • Evaluation of tender documents conformity to requirements of particular legal acts;

  • Preparation of claims after ascertaining discriminatory or illegal provisions;

  • Contribution in preparation of bids according requirements established;

  • Preparation of draft contracts of common activity, partnership, consortium etc.;

  • Consultations on concessions, public private partnership;

  • Contribution in representing interests in Lithuanian and EU institutions and courts;


Why it’s necessary to seek for help in due time? Because:

  • Terms for submission of tenders are conditionally short;

  • Suppliers have got aware with tender documents in pretty short time and also evaluate possibilities of him and partners to take part in procurement procedures;

  • To protect legitimate interests of supplier’s after opening of envelops or award of contract becomes more complicated.

UAB "Viešųjų pirkimų ekspertų grupė"