For the time being one of the most popular ways to cooperate between public and private sectors is public procurement. Even though recent legal acts on public procurement are more developed to compare to first law on public procurement, and provide possibility to use more liberal techniques to perform procurement procedures, having in mind up-to-the minute needs of our society public procurement is not the only sufficient measure to realize comprehensive cooperation between beforehand mentioned sectors. Therefore, our company  goes in public private partnership, which is more and more popular in the „old“ EU member states and to which European Commission allocates more and more attention. It‘s natural, because definition of public and private partnership comprises not only public procurement, concession but establishment of economic operators with private and public capital, acquirement of shares of private companies, and public enterprises as well. It provides opportunities to refuse horizontal and vertical integration, to adopt better managing and exploitations decisions and ensures quality of services provided and saves taxpayers money.

We hope, you have the same goals and taking in mind how wide is the scope, and that you are under the process of fulfilling very important societies and private needs saving your time, we are offering contribution of our very high qualified specialists, which will get rid of necessity to learn it once again, and you will find our experience useful.


UAB "Viešųjų pirkimų ekspertų grupė"